Drive out of Our Garage in a Car That Feels Brand-New

You'll appreciate our car detailing services in Hartford, WI

Treat yourself to a squeaky-clean ride in the Hartford and Menomonee Falls, WI area. KP Autopaint LLC provides a wide range of car detailing services. Our basic and deluxe shampoo packages are perfect for getting rid of stubborn stains and odors in your upholstered seats.

Our full-service car detailing package is a makeover for your car. Everything from your cup holders to your vents are thoroughly cleaned and polished.

As for those surfaces that trap dirt and grime, we can...

  • Vacuum your floor mats
  • Shampoo and condition upholstered seats
  • Treat leather or vinyl seats using specialty products

That's just the inside.

Auto Detailing Hartford, WI

Your car will shine when we're through

Our full-service car detailing package also includes exterior work. We can...

  • Buff out imperfections
  • Restore cloudy headlights
  • Hand wash and dry your vehicle
  • Apply specialty paint protection products

Call 262-853-6044 now to schedule car detailing services in Hartford, WI. Ask us about our undercarriage cleaning and engine shampooing services.